Calling All Beta Readers!

Soul of the Scribe

It’s official. Soul of the Scribe Version Beta 5 is done! I am satisfied I’ve fixed all major plot holes and created a far better flow to the story. All the various foreshadowing is in there, along with the proper descriptions and consistency. It’s now finally time to have other eyes on the pages than mine!

I have several beta readers I know personally already, so I’m doing a very limited beta reader run for those interested. It’ll only be a handful, but if you’re interested, add a comment and we’ll try to make things happen!

I’m really excited about this opportunity to share something I think it at least close to publishable quality.

The only catch is, people aren’t allowed to be offended if I decide to not take their advice. 😉

Moments of Transition, Moments of Revelation

I had another interview with a different store. Somehow I got a second one though I was sure I completely made an idiot out of myself for the first one. However, I felt really good about this interview. I hit it off well with the manager and we had a very comfortable conversation. I’m praying hard. Really hard. I think this is what needs to happen. And this feels different somehow…

“All of life can be broken down into moments of transition or moments of revelation. This had the feeling of both.” – G’kar, Z’ha’dum, Babylon 5

This captures my thoughts on the subject quite well. It’s been resonating clearly.

Warcraft Victories

I’ll admit I’m stoked. I got the Twilight Drake from OS25 3D a week ago after a huge guild meeting. The guild leader actually passed the drake to me when she had won. I’ve been running this for months when possible and while I love my guildies, I was frustrated when I kept losing the drake. And I’m not the kind of person to reserve or ninja. Ever. I also hit Exalted with the Guild on Lyssinna, getting me up to 40 Exalted Reputations and earning me the Dark Phoenix, Golden King and Dark Phoenix Hatchling. Symira is also up to 85 and is now quickly gearing up to be a full heroic healer. And Tyrimon is now successfully tanking Dragon Soul LFRs. 🙂

What’s on the Horizon

-We’re very excited to get a new iMac today! It won’t be my primary machine, but it will allow us to do some really cool things in the house.

-I’m moving forward with Perelandra College for my BA in Writing. I don’t know if Apple will fully cover the cost…or even any of the cost, but I’m going to try. My father has been kind enough to offer to co-sign the bank loan I need since I can’t use normal federal loans for this school.

-Finally, the next writing project will be the finale posts for the Endeavour, a Star Trek PBeM (Play-by-email) Sim I’ve been participating in for probably ten years off and on now. I’ve been terrible in doing this. And it’s time to get to work on it.

-I have a new idea for a story in the Scribe universe. I have a good setting, and the beginning of some characters, but I’m still looking for the conflict. Once that comes to me, it’ll be ready to go.


So tonight, I’ll be slaving away and cursing up a storm as I try to rewire half my house, set up a brand new computer, transfer data, connect the old Mac Mini to the TV and configure everything properly. I’ll whine and complain, but it’s one of those kind of complaining that I love. 😀

Until then, have fun!