Library Adventures

Library Adventures

Yesterday, Caitlyn and I embarked on what I hope becomes a weekly adventure. We journeyed to the Huntington Beach Library. Caitlyn was enthralled at the enormous amounts of fountains, pools and other water-based art there. So was I. I had never been there before and it was magical indeed. I just wish she would enjoy the literary parts of it more, but I’m sure that will come with time.

The other reason I’m doing it is for research for the “Library of Light” in my Scribe story. I want to make sure I have it as realistic as possible. And I’ve learned that it’s going to be huge. Just my visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in San Jose grew the Library by four levels.

Storybook Birthday

Caitlyn’s 2nd “Storybook Birthday” party went off perfectly! Everyone had a lot of fun with the “Book Cover” photobooth, where someone would pick out a cardboard cover to hold before them as they took pictures with all sorts of fun props. Caitlyn made out with fifteen books. We’ll soon need an entire new bookcase just for her.

Though my favorite thing is still the plush original USS Enterprise I got her from ThinkGeek. It is fifty kinds of awesome. 😉

Writing Forward

So I’ve joined the OC Writer’s “Group,” a collection of NaNoWriMo Survivors. While things won’t really take off until next year, I’m looking forward to getting some real critiques of my work by people who are roughly at my level. I can’t wait to get some good feedback and maybe get pushed into publication!

In the Corridors of Light and Dreams

I’m still working hard on Corridors. I’m getting to the epic climax of this story and I’m at 120K right now. I still have probably another 10-20K to go too, though there are entire swaths of this story which will be cut in editing. I needs a serious rewrite after this, but I need to have the bones there. It’s going to be great, I hope!

And that’s it for today. That’s what’s going on in my life. How are you guys doing?

Have fun!