New Toys, Delayed Storms…and Ponies

New Toys and New Ponies

First, the fun things! I got a new iPad Mini. I’ve christened it da Vinci. I name all my computers and devices after starships, and this one is named for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers Saber-class ship from the Star Trek: SCE eBook series. What? I’m a nerd.*

I’m enjoying it. I actually had some fun formatting my various novels and short stories to work properly in the iBook format…it was frustrating fun, but still fun. But it’s primary purpose was to help entertain Caitlyn while on the flight from Orange County to Flint, Michigan…mostly by watching My Little Pony.

And Caitlyn now utterly adores My Little Pony (her favorite is Applejack, which she happily shouts every time she comes on screen). And I was totally sucked in as well. Laura followed about a week later. Yeah, we’re all addicted to the show. It’s freaking hysterical and more heartwarming than I expected.

Yeah, I’m a fan of My Little Pony now. And I’m okay with it.

The Trip

Laura’s wanted to get me out to see her family farm in Michigan for as long as I’ve know her, but I know this wasn’t the way she wanted to get me out there. The flight went pretty well and Caitlyn enjoyed them both. She didn’t really cause any problems on the plane.

As for the memorial service for Laura’s grandmother on her father’s side…I think it went well. I say I think because I was out in the back of a Honda Odyssey watching My Little Pony in the iPad Mini with Caitlyn. Because there was no way Caitlyn would sit still and be quiet for a memorial service. Laura said it helped and I hope it did. Most of what I did on the trip was to watch Caitlyn and try to give Laura a chance to see family she hasn’t seen in years and years.

But the really cool thing? Caitlyn got to meet her grandfather on Laura’s side…and I did too. It’s a strained relationship and they haven’t seen each other in years. But I think Caitlyn’s cuteness somehow bridged a gap. She’s got some sort of magic power like that. Or maybe it’s just the way she goes utterly nuts with whacking balloons around. Who knows?


Finally, since this is supposed to be a writing blog and all that, I’m sad to report that with my sudden trip to Michigan, I had to admit defeat for the first time ever in a NaNoWriMo. I’ll admit my heart wasn’t really into this rewrite of Stormhaven from the get go. I’m not giving up, but I cannot finish it by the end of the month. Still, my month to date will be 15000 words, which isn’t terrible at all. So I’m going to take some solace in that. I’ve also realized that I need to do some serious worldbuilding in this universe. It’s a bit too close to plenty of other urban fantasy works. And it irks me. I want something a little more original. Anyway, I’ll keep working on it.

But next? The big next project? I’m getting Soul of the Scribe ready for publication. Probably epublishing I’m not sure if I should market it as one full novella, or a series of small short stories instead. Something to think about.

That’s about it from here. Sorry for the extended absence. I just can’t seem to get around to this if I don’t do it Sunday night. But I think I’m back on track for a while now.

good luck and have fun!


*If you’re curious…here’s the names.

Normandy: My 15″ MacBook Pro. Named after the SS Normandy from Mass Effect.
Phoenix: iPhone 5. Named for my Lego TSA/Starfleet Temporal Fighter I built when I was a kid (and a dozen other starships).
Odyssey: New 27″ iMac. Named for the ESS Odyssey from my Orion Project, the command ship of Admiral Robert Clayton.
Excalibur: Laura’s 21.5″ iMac. Named after the Excalibur from Babylon 5: Crusade and the USS Excalibur from the Star Trek: New Frontier book series by Peter David.
White Star: Mac Mini, now serving as my media hub on my TV. Named after the White Star from Babylon 5.
Enterprise: PowerBook G4, my first Mac. And if I have to tell you where that name is from, why are you even reading anything I write?
Cosmos: My former custom gaming PC tower. Named after a starship of my own design, the USS Cosmos (a Lego model of which still sits on my desk) and the first interstellar ship from the Orion Project.


Screeching Halt

Heads up folks. I had a meeting at work last Sunday throwing off my normal posting schedule. To make it even better, a huge family emergency thing just came up and I have to fly to the Midwest for a few days.

First time I’ll be out there, but this isn’t the way I wanted to go.

So new posts in a few weeks.


Good luck and have fun.


Lost in Space

Excuse me if I’m a little loopy at the moment. I recently had a change in the generic brands of one of my medications and I think my body is having trouble adapting to it. It’s not going well. But I know I’ve been letting this slide, so let’s at least get a few things going.

Camp NaNoWriMo

First, I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for April. So far, I’m about 5,200 words in. I’m actually behind in my word count. It didn’t help that I had a screwy schedule today and I feel so loopy it makes a bowl of spaghetti look like lincoln logs in comparison. (What? It makes sense! Shut up!)

I’m working on Stormhaven. Once upon a time, Stormhaven was going to be a webcomic project I was going to do with Laura as my artist. It didn’t pan out. We only got the first 2-3 panels done before she decided she didn’t have the time (or interest, to be honest) to commit to this on an ongoing basis. That was back in 2006, if you can believe it.

Here’s a teaser synopsis:

It was just a prank. And no one was permanently injured. But Magical Justice got involved and now Daniel Makkus, Jr. is stuck in some backwater town called Stormhaven with an old washed-out warlock as a teacher. There’s only one problem: he’s been in the school for less than a day before his magic goes nuts. And why on earth is everyone in this school acting crazy?

A rebellious magic-wielding teenager…
A crotchety retired warlock…
A tomboy with a secret…
And a (mostly) normal guy…

Stormhaven: It used to be such a quiet place.

Anyway, it was in desperate need of cleaning up. A lot of that is because I wrote it as a rough draft to create a webcomic from instead of it being an actual story. I would someday like to see a comic version of the story, but I’d like the story to be okay first.

Other Bits and Bobs

Let’s see, had my 8 year anniversary a couple weeks ago. We did Aquarium of the Pacific with Caitlyn and then did Cheesecake Factory together. It was pretty mild compared to our usual assortment of things, but having Caitlyn definitely complicates matters a lot. But the night before that we had take-out Olive Garden and watched the UK Version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The last time we had take-out Olive Garden was our rehearsal dinner, so it was exactly 8 years to the day. 🙂 Cool, eh?

Easter was a blast too. We had a lot of fun with Caitlyn, who did her very first Easter Egg hunt in my dad’s backyard. It was cute to see her shake the little eggs twice every time before dropping them in the basket.


Nothing else to really report. I’ve discovered pet battles in WoW and I’ve enjoyed leveling through that. It’s something different than the usual assortment of quests I’ve done a dozen or so times. Work’s been pretty okay. There’s been some messed up stuff around me, like the son of my pastor passing away and my friend’s friend getting in a horrible car accident.

But to end on a good note, I now have a 27″ iMac, the brand new model. And it’s stunning. I love that darn thing, which I’ve christened “Odyssey.” I name all my computers after starships. My first Mac was “Enterprise.” My old gaming PC was named “Cosmos.” Mac Mini: White Star (it’s now my media center). Laura’s iMac is “Excalibur.” Finally, my workhorse of a MacBook Pro is named “Normandy.”

I feel a little better having written this, something to knock off the list. And now?

Now it’s probably time to go back to work.

Good luck and have fun!