Something New

So I decided to take a break from editing Waterfall V 3.1 today and do something random. And I kind of like it. I’ll post it here at the end. It’s only about 500 words and it’s not even remotely finished. But it might have potential.

I’m really annoyed about some things right now, but I don’t want to throw them out here. It’s not the forum for them. But I’m asking a lot of questions. Like what do I really want to be doing?

And what do I need to do to do what I want to do?

(*rereads that line a few more times* Yup. It makes sense.)

But I have come to a very important conclusion:

The sooner I’m made galactic overlord, the better off I’ll be.

Not sure about you though. Haven’t decided that yet.


“Warmage Excerpt”

Venda ducked, narrowly getting her eyebrows singed off by the green fire sprite. Before the sprite managed to spin around and come at her again, she locked her staff into her belt and pressed the trigger. White arcs of electricity trapped the sprite with a screech as the elemental was converted back into energy and funneled into her arc harness. She could feel the head pouring through the carapace on her back just as she sensed the next attack.

She clutched her hand and a shield of hexagon blue shimmered into being. Before she even turned around, three more fire sprites had shattered on her rear perimeter. With a crouch, she eyed the man standing in front of her.

The hulking man had muscles the size of her waist, but she wasn’t watching those. She was watching the eyes.

Always watch the eyes. Hanrah’s voice chattered in her head. Behind the eyes lies the true trigger of combat. The body only carries it out. It is the mind which initiates.

She smirked.

“You’re beginning to annoy me.”

Venda pointed. “Only beginning? I’ve been trying to annoy you since you barged in on me in the showers.”
The man’s white teeth gleamed against his midnight blue skin. “Ah, but what I got to enjoy in that moment has been a wonderful balm against your continued impertinence.”

“It’s the last look you’ll ever get.”

The man chuckled, leaning on his own twin-stave. Red light flickered along it’s edge, matching the same lines of light that coursed through his arc harness.

“You think it would be that bad, hm?” he laughed. His blue eyes were bright under the red hood of his robes.

“To be collared to such a pitiful excuse for a warmage as you?” Venda barked with laughter. “I’d rather dance naked through the Master’s Hall at midday.”

“I’d pay to see that.”

“I’m sure you would, Jax.”

With a burst of fire-speed, he snapped apart his twin-stave, locked them against his own belt and unleashed dual streams of hot-ice at her. But he wasn’t the only one with a fully-charged arc harness.

He’d expected her to dodge left or right, instead she dodged forward, tucking into a roll under the blasts that exploded against the tapestries behind her. He wasn’t ready for the move. Jax tried to adjust his aim, but she was already too close.

With a neat spin on the ground, her leg snapped out and with a bit of fire-agility, went for his legs. He jumped high, sending streams of hot-ice pouring all over the unused classroom. He flung himself backwards in midair, landing on the far door as if gravity had decided to ignore him for the time being.

It only took the slightest adjustment to match his orientation and then she flung herself at him.

Jax wasn’t nearly as quick this time. He didn’t even bother to energize his shield. He just brought up his separated twin-stave and blocked her wild downstroke.

She re-oriented herself to the ceiling, using a burst from her arc-harness. Her feet planted firmly on the wood surface, she energized her own staff. In a heartbeat, it shifted from normal rosewood to a brilliant silver-white, glowing with a blue core of power.

With a grunt of effort, he threw his energy into a tight shield on his right arm while rebinding the twin-stave in his left hand. It was only the proximity that forced him to change directions. And it was the awkwardness of the block that saved him from Venda’s thrust.

Staff crashed against shield in an explosion of rainbows, sending swirling fireworks spinning across the room.

Venda’s smirk grew as she poured fire into the attack. The shield began to crack.



Waterfall, Redux III

Okay, so today I finally started yet another version of Waterfall, my story for the OC Writer’s Anthology. It’s due July 7. Heh. I love to push deadlines. I remember killing myself to write Ashes of Stormwind at the very end. I went until an hour before it was due.

And hey, I won an Honorable Mention for that. Maybe lightning will strike twice, eh?

I’m happy to report I’m not spending the entire time in the main character’s head and I’m actually having conversations and such. We’ll see how well this one works.

I already did 1,000 words today. So I’m pretty happy with this, since I’m already 1/3 of the way to the end of the story. Hopefully. Hopefully this doesn’t run away from me again.

Not a lot else is going on. I have Normandy back again. So happy to not be writing on my iPad Mini. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Mini, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Normandy’s full laptop keyboard for cranking the word count.

I’m so happy to finally be writing again. This break from writing has made me really appreciate how much I need it for my own sanity. And how amazing the process is to just spin these tales with very little planning.

Now, I should get back to work now!

Good luck and have fun!



Doug Fields is one of my favorite pastors of all time. He used to be in charge of the High School Ministry at Saddleback Church, where I’m currently attending. And he is utterly hysterical. When Saddleback opened a venue (a version of the normal service) that was taught specifically by Doug, you couldn’t keep me away. He speaks to me in a way I can’t even describe. But the best part? He can just slam home serious and heavy points when the need arises. He’s an amazing speaker.

And I was lucky enough to get hear him speak today at church. I think I was laughing so hard it was starting to annoy the people around me. 😉 I really missed speaking to him.

But he said something that resonated with me.

You see, I’m not especially good with people, at least for extended relationships. My mind tends to flitter around a lot. I forget to contact people. Or I overthink things and worry that I’m annoying people by trying to constantly reach out to them. So it’s either I can’t forget or I totally forget. I like living life at the ends of the spectrum, apparently.

Anyway, he talked about sacrificing the immediate things you believe are super important and to do what you know is right. Despite the fear, despite the worry, despite anything else…to just do it.

And so I did. Today I reached out to my old best friend, who I hadn’t spoken to in a few months since one of his close friends passed away. Just to talk. Nothing else! And then I did it to a coworker who I really appreciated as a friend and I dearly miss working with. I remember intending to contact her to offer her encouragement…but I let it slide because I worried it would sound awkward.

And did it? Nope. Not for either.

Ironically, that is the theme of the stories I’m working on for that anthology (and yes, I decided to write a different story, ironically a prequel). It’s about fear. It’s about moving against the worry and fear that often paralyzes us and keeps us from what could be the most amazing things.

Which works great. Since Laura got me an awesome My Little Pony t-shirt for Daddy’s Day today. 🙂 It’s my own little personal thing. To not be embarrassed about what others might say or think. Do it because it’s what I want to do.

After all, as Doug said today, “you don’t have to be intelligent to criticize.”

I’m out of time for today. But I’m working on the new version of Waterfall. I’m not sure about it, but I think I can make this work. I’m just worried I don’t have much of a story yet! But I’ll putter on and let you know what’s going with it next week!

Until then, good luck and have fun!


Hospitals. Meh.


My Ma has been an enormous part of my life. Forever. And she’s been a huge part of Caitlyn’s life as well. Though she’s never been able to watch her, I know how powerful Caitlyn’s joy can be. And it’s one of the reasons I think my grandmother is still going as well as she has been.

Well, I found out in the middle of the week that she had been hospitalized with a really nasty case of shingles. The pain was so horrible that she seemed confused and lost, like she didn’t know what was going on around her. It was a hard few days, but I’m happy to say that she seems a lot better now. She’s lucid and reacting. Laura took Caitlyn to see her today and I think it helped. I even got to visit yesterday.

Please pray for her that she would make a full recovery.


I’m so happy right now. I had to give up Normandy for almost a full week. And it drove me crazy. While my iPad Mini was okay if I had my external keyboard, there is something far more satisfying in having my hands on my laptop. I’ve been typing on my MacBook Pro (15″ Mid-2010) for 3 years now. And I’m a creature of habit. But the top case was replaced for intermittent keyboard issues and the display clamshell for a strange shadow-thing on the display. The keyboard feels weird though…since they keys are new and not worn down from years and years of use. Meh. I’m sure I’ll “break it in” soon enough.


Can I say I can’t wait to play the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on my iPad Mini? I just got it today and I haven’t had a chance to actually play yet. It was the first XBOX game I ever played. And now on the iPad? Yes please!

And now that Normandy’s back, it’s time to get my butt into gear for writing. I’ve been slacking for over a week and when I go that long without writing, it starts to tear apart my mind. Seriously. I had one of the most complicated dreams last night which was just a new story idea BEGGING to be told. I can’t wait to get into it.


Other than that, there’s not a lot going on. My wife is plotting for father’s day. Looks like it’s going to be some Pony merchandise. I can’t wait. 🙂

Good luck and have fun!


Beyond the Waterfall Complete!


Good news everyone! I am happy to announce that “Beyond the Waterfall” is complete. The only problem? The story is almost 8,000 words…which it’s goal was 3,000 and the max is 4,250.

What?! It wasn’t done yet!!! Don’t look at me like that!

I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t think I can trim it down by over 3,500 words. I’d have to cut the entire story in half. But I don’t know if I can do an entirely new story. I write the story that comes to me, not necessarily any particular length.

But I’m letting it sit for a few days before I read it for the first time. That way I can adjust things with a clearer mind. *Sigh*

I will say that the Scrivener project was a success. And I’m considering using it full time. I still have a few concerns here and there about it, but I think they’re more personal preferences than actual issues.


Now a bit of bad news. I’ve been fighting a cracked radiator on Kasumi (my maroon 1999 Honda Accord) for a couple weeks now. I’ve tried to use the JB Weld on it with the help of a friend, but it didn’t work. Even tried it again with a super-thick application. No dice. So my dad was kind enough to loan me his 2013 Honda Accord for a couple days while mine was getting fixed. I’m happy to say that’s done, but it was $450 with a wheel alignment as well (which sorely needed to be done). Ouchies. I hate car stuff. 😛

Other Things

I can’t really think of anything else super important right now. I’m not sure what my next writing project will be. I should go back and try and finish Stormhaven. I might take a day or two to convert it over to Scrivener. Since it could eventually become a series, it would probably be a good idea.

Caitlyn is doing well. We’ve had a lot of fun the last few days since I got an extra day off from work. I took her for a short hike down a trail in Foothill Ranch. Only 15-20 minutes down. But she enjoyed it. Trying to get her out and doing things more.

Maybe it’s just my brain being weird, but I think that’s it for now.

Anyway, good luck and have fun!