Back in the Saddle

Seriously?! Has it really been around three months since I posted in this thing?

I really shouldn’t be surprised. I have a terrible habit of getting really hung-ho about stuff like blogs and then just losing interest. Well, that’s not accurate. It’s more that I have a thousand other things that I decide to do.

So. What have I been doing for the last few months?

Well, let’s see…

  • Started a successful Brony group at Blizzard, who’s had one major event and is about to have a second.
  • Made it through an entire week without the kids or the wife as she took a vacation up in Reno while I remained working. That was a strange week. (And yes, it was really just a vacation)
  • Had issues with panic attacks on and off.
  • Successfully won NaNoWriMo 2014, making it my fifth year running.
  • Finished my rewrite of the webcomic novella Stormhaven into a full novel clocking in at 84K words.
  • Helped launch Warlords of Draenor, one of the most successful expansions Blizzard has ever released.
  • Played WAY TOO MUCH Warlords.
  • Before Warlords launched, I managed to secure the Challenge Mode: Gold achievement for Tyrimon, my Paladin, getting me the special transmog set and the now-impossible-to-obtain Pandarian Phoenixes.
  • I also managed to get Heirloom Weapons from Garrosh Hellscream for all my major characters and managed to get Laura a Heroic Kill of Garrosh as well before 6.0.2 launched.
  • Made it through Tali’s birthday party and associated events.
  • Attended my first Blizzcon as a Blizzard Employee and worked my first Blizzcon as a Blizzard Employee (I helped out with the SC2 tournaments…funny because SC2 isn’t something that really grabs me).
  • A thousand other things that I can’t even process.

I’m still doing the Pony thing. In fact, after today, I’ve decided I’m even more into it than ever before. I’m going to make it my mission to get it through people’s head that being a fan of MLP:FiM isn’t a disturbing or weird thing. Now there are always going to be ignorant people who don’t want to learn things. I don’t care about them. I care about the people who have brains and who just don’t know.

Because I used to be one of them.

I’m not leaving Blizzard anytime soon. I’m making a difference there. A big one. 🙂

But right now, I’m just dropping by to say I’m here.

Next week, I’ll have something more substantial.

Until then, good luck and have fun!



Beyond the Waterfall Links!

Beyond the Waterfall Cover (Final)

There it is folks. My second book on Amazon. “Beyond the Waterfall.” Worked way too long to get it up there. But it’s finally done.

Go buy it. Seriously. Stop right here and by it.

I’ll wait.






WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?! You should be buying it!





Okay, I’ll assume you’ve bought it by now.


Let’s see…big things this week. I’m hosting the Blizzard Bronies table at the “Campus Rush” thing. Remember those event fairs back in college where all the groups would come out and you’d check them out? Well, doing the same thing for the Brony group. Kinda scary, since I’m the only one. But hopefully that won’t be for long. It should be fun.

And I’m teaching myself shell scripts and all about System Image Utility and OS X Server. It’s harder than it sounds. Really.

But right now, that’s all I have. Just check out the book!


Good luck and have fun!



Lost in Space

Excuse me if I’m a little loopy at the moment. I recently had a change in the generic brands of one of my medications and I think my body is having trouble adapting to it. It’s not going well. But I know I’ve been letting this slide, so let’s at least get a few things going.

Camp NaNoWriMo

First, I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for April. So far, I’m about 5,200 words in. I’m actually behind in my word count. It didn’t help that I had a screwy schedule today and I feel so loopy it makes a bowl of spaghetti look like lincoln logs in comparison. (What? It makes sense! Shut up!)

I’m working on Stormhaven. Once upon a time, Stormhaven was going to be a webcomic project I was going to do with Laura as my artist. It didn’t pan out. We only got the first 2-3 panels done before she decided she didn’t have the time (or interest, to be honest) to commit to this on an ongoing basis. That was back in 2006, if you can believe it.

Here’s a teaser synopsis:

It was just a prank. And no one was permanently injured. But Magical Justice got involved and now Daniel Makkus, Jr. is stuck in some backwater town called Stormhaven with an old washed-out warlock as a teacher. There’s only one problem: he’s been in the school for less than a day before his magic goes nuts. And why on earth is everyone in this school acting crazy?

A rebellious magic-wielding teenager…
A crotchety retired warlock…
A tomboy with a secret…
And a (mostly) normal guy…

Stormhaven: It used to be such a quiet place.

Anyway, it was in desperate need of cleaning up. A lot of that is because I wrote it as a rough draft to create a webcomic from instead of it being an actual story. I would someday like to see a comic version of the story, but I’d like the story to be okay first.

Other Bits and Bobs

Let’s see, had my 8 year anniversary a couple weeks ago. We did Aquarium of the Pacific with Caitlyn and then did Cheesecake Factory together. It was pretty mild compared to our usual assortment of things, but having Caitlyn definitely complicates matters a lot. But the night before that we had take-out Olive Garden and watched the UK Version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The last time we had take-out Olive Garden was our rehearsal dinner, so it was exactly 8 years to the day. 🙂 Cool, eh?

Easter was a blast too. We had a lot of fun with Caitlyn, who did her very first Easter Egg hunt in my dad’s backyard. It was cute to see her shake the little eggs twice every time before dropping them in the basket.


Nothing else to really report. I’ve discovered pet battles in WoW and I’ve enjoyed leveling through that. It’s something different than the usual assortment of quests I’ve done a dozen or so times. Work’s been pretty okay. There’s been some messed up stuff around me, like the son of my pastor passing away and my friend’s friend getting in a horrible car accident.

But to end on a good note, I now have a 27″ iMac, the brand new model. And it’s stunning. I love that darn thing, which I’ve christened “Odyssey.” I name all my computers after starships. My first Mac was “Enterprise.” My old gaming PC was named “Cosmos.” Mac Mini: White Star (it’s now my media center). Laura’s iMac is “Excalibur.” Finally, my workhorse of a MacBook Pro is named “Normandy.”

I feel a little better having written this, something to knock off the list. And now?

Now it’s probably time to go back to work.

Good luck and have fun!


Exhaustion and Other States

I’m writing this while I’m exhausted to the point of falling over. In the last week, I’ve had some schedule shifts lately, having to come in an hour early for work than I’m used to. It means I get up at 5AM instead of 6AM. You’d think an hour difference wouldn’t be that big of a deal. After all, I’m going to bed around 9:20, turning off the light around 9:40. Should be okay, right?

Yeah, not really. My brain utterly refuses to adjust to this schedule because I’ve been on the 8-5 schedule for the last year and a half. My brain will not stop yammering about the day, even though the reading helps.

Oh well. Not really much choice in the matter.

In other news, I’ve finally started to get my butt in gear on The Orion Project: Redemption. The story is now over 125K words. My Word Document is over 700 pages. And the sad thing is…I’m really only 2/3rd done with the story. What this means is likely I’ll have to restructure the entire trilogy. But right now, I’m not focusing on that. I’m focusing on finishing Part II. I’m only about 2 chapters away from the end where I just turn everything on it’s head. I’m really looking forward to this.

After Part II though, I’m seriously considering putting it aside to start rewriting my “Scribe” novella. I’m hoping to work out a more consistent magic system (reading Brandon Sanderson’s novels had taught me an enormous amount about how magic systems can work for plot) and to maybe expand some of the text until it’s a full novel. While many authors tend to ramble in their stories, I tend to ramble AND skip important things. It tends to grow with extra detail that I left out in the first pass. I have a very strong feeling about this story universe. I think it has an enormous amount of potential for an ongoing series and something very original. It’s funny because it started with me having writer’s block while in my car during last summer.

In other news, I’m thrilled. Caitlyn has finally learned to stand unassisted from a sitting position. All yesterday she was constantly standing and clapping. She was full of grins on Easter. And she went nuts when we started to blow bubbles at her. She squeaked with such joy. My aunt said “When the Bible talks about joy, I think that’s what it means.” I think she’s right.

Anyway, I hope to get a bit farther on Orion 2 on lunch today. It’s really the only time I’ve been writing lately, but that needs to change. Writing Excuses’s “April Fools” episode was such an amazing joke on all the stupid excuses we make not to write. And it really resonated with me, informing me in no uncertain terms that I need to stop screwing around and start getting more serious.

Here’s the link for those interested:

It’s time to get back to work now. You folks have a great day.

Have fun!


More life details!


These last few weeks have been overwhelming. First our daughter had a seizure and we spent some long scary days in the hospital with her while tests were being run to find a cause. There were a lot of prayers said and many unspoken fears, in the end though she was ok. The seizure was the cause of a fever that she had from a virus. She seems to be mostly recovered now.
Then this last week was my seven year anniversary with my husband Ryan. We went to Discovery Science Center- a place we went the day he had proposed. It pretty different bringing our little one in tow, but it was fun! Afterward we had a nice dinner at Disneyland and time to ourselves while grandpa watched our daughter for the whole night. It was our first night away from her since she was born and I had…

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