Scrivener Experiments and Exceeding Word Counts

So my new challenge with this story for the OC Writer’s Anthology is to write the short story entirely in Scrivener. And I’m starting to adapt to the program. And I’m starting to see the worth in it. I think for my major stories, like Orion and Dreamscape, there could very well be some advantages to using it. The idea of having a central part for characters is wonderful, along with consistent information on settings and such.

I’ve realized that a lot of my writing habits have to do with format, margins, text and style of the page, rather than actual mechanics with the word processor. I still don’t like the fact that I can’t really use anything as effective as Word’s autocorrect, but having built-in word count goals (and word counts that are not limited to 100,000 words) is really nice.

The bad news? I’m already passed the maximum word count for “Beyond Waterfall.” The target was 3,000 words. At my request, the head of the program said the max is 4,250. I already hit 4,500 and I suspect I have another 1,000 words until completion.

The plan? Finish the story. If I can “compress” it, then I’ll compress it. But I tend to leave holes in stories rather than have sections that can be easily cut. The worst cast scenario is that I come up with something different. I still have a couple months until it’s done. And considering I’ve busted out a 4500 word short story in a few days, another one shouldn’t be too hard.

Maybe I should look at my other short stories and recognize the common elements that work so I don’t go so far over.

Nothing else really new here. We’ve decided to cut down on Caitlyn’s TV and add more play time. I’ve also decided to try and have more conversations and less “do this, don’t do that.” And I’ve started doing Old Raids with my Guild, Saga, in WoW again. I really missed doing these. We managed to down 10-Man Heroic Ragnaros & Al’kir too with the Feedback Achievement.

Anyway, that’s it for now. See you next week!

Good luck and have fun!