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Science Fiction

  • The Orion Project: Descent
    • Ten years after the Sinerian War, humanity steps into a golden age. And with the advent of time travel, Earth has the chance to study its history to better understand its future. But safeguards must be put into place to protect the timeline.With government senators clamoring to close down the project for cost overruns, a series of bombings tear across the globe, killing two members of Delta Protectorate. Within minutes, the warning goes out…someone has changed history.

      Jumping back into the past with an untested team, Delta discovers their reality has been erased. Alien artifacts appear in their most top-secret bases. And all the signs point to a traitor in their own ranks…

  • Chick
    • “Chick’s Technical Support: Your One-Stop Shop for Nanite Technology Assistance.”Julianne is almost ready to quit. Since that job a few weeks ago, Angie’s been more grumpy than normal. A simple timing malfunction stuck the former Marine engineer into the body of a petite Chinese teenage girl. Not like that’s anything out of the ordinary. Then there’s Gordon, who’s an eager little puppy who seems to get turned into something every job they get. And let’s not forget Paul, the handsome spoiled brat who simply loves to bully his way into laziness.

      if it’s not darting cocooning hummingbirds, it’s rampaging centaurs or weird little blue furballs. She knew working for Chick wouldn’t be boring, but this is simply getting ridiculous…


  • Soul of the Scribe
    • Within Rosan City, life and imagination are intertwined. Reality itself can change through the power of a well-told story, a heartfelt song or a magnificent painting.When Master Scribe Ak receives an intriguing offer from the enigmatic tycoon known as The Reader, it seems too good to be true. But this commission may force Ak to revisit the darkest moment of his life and come to grips with a secret hidden for fifteen years.

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