Short Stories

You should have a hard hat on. There’s a lot of falling words around these parts…

World of Warcraft Stories

Mere hours after the great tidal wave slammed into Stormwind Harbor, General Marcus Jonathan is summoned from relief efforts to a brewing riot in the heart of the Trade District. As he struggles to restore order, he finds himself questioning his devotion to the city as an ancient evil bears down upon Stormwind.

As the gnomes enjoy a brief lull in the ongoing battle to reclaim their homeland, High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque embarks through a blizzard to pay his respects to his fallen friend. But Ironforge is a far different place under the rule of the Council of Three Hammers…

After surviving the death of Dalaran, Archmage Dayshaun and High Priestess Laurena found comfort within each other as the Burning Legion threatened to consume the world. Accompanied by the noble Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, they met in secret with Lady Jania Proudmoore as the defenders of Nordrassil prepared one final stand against Archimonde. Now, in the last hour of the Battle for Mount Hyjal, these three comrades will discover a terrible secret beneath the besieged bases of the Great Alliance that will end Azeroth’s resistance in one brutal strike. Unless one of them makes one final sacrifice.


This is about our companions. Of the secrets they keep. Of the duties they perform. Of the work they do every day as we rush around in our lives, unaware of the hidden things in our own homes.We can only see the direct result of their labors. But occasionally, our companions will allow us a glimmer into the true nature of the world.This is one such glimmer.

The Incense Tales

  • “Foxglove.” – Coming Soon.
  • “Just A Hint of Pumpkin.” – Coming Soon
  • “The Twin Flames.” – Coming Soon

Science Fiction

  • Coming Soon

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