Beyond the Waterfall Links!

Beyond the Waterfall Cover (Final)

There it is folks. My second book on Amazon. “Beyond the Waterfall.” Worked way too long to get it up there. But it’s finally done.

Go buy it. Seriously. Stop right here and by it.

I’ll wait.






WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?! You should be buying it!





Okay, I’ll assume you’ve bought it by now.


Let’s see…big things this week. I’m hosting the Blizzard Bronies table at the “Campus Rush” thing. Remember those event fairs back in college where all the groups would come out and you’d check them out? Well, doing the same thing for the Brony group. Kinda scary, since I’m the only one. But hopefully that won’t be for long. It should be fun.

And I’m teaching myself shell scripts and all about System Image Utility and OS X Server. It’s harder than it sounds. Really.

But right now, that’s all I have. Just check out the book!


Good luck and have fun!




Beyond the Waterfall: Published!

It’s done.

It’s finally, finally, finally, finally done.

Words cannot express how happy I am to have Beyond the Waterfall finally in the “review” process. I’ll be doing another post as soon as I find that the book it actually live, providing everyone with links and everything.

For now, it’s going to be an exclusive Kindle publication.

Wow…finally done.

It’s ironic. Jenn Hunt, who’s an amazing professional editor, did the final edits for me. And do you know where I went through them? Mission Viejo Library, the inspiration for the McKinley Heights Library in Waterfall. But for the record, all the drama and stuff was completely fictional, hence the name change. I do love that library.

It’s been a very long week for me. More mounts and fun in WoW and I got to attend the Cinematic Premiere for WoW: Warlords of Draenor. That was pretty damn cool. Even got to shake hands with Mike Morhaime at a New Hire Mixer that night. What I love about him is that he seems like a really normal guy. I suspect he actually is and I secretly wonder if he’s as astounded by Blizzard’s growth as everyone else was back in the day.

I love this darn company. Love it.

It’s been a very long week but with the publishing of Waterfall, it’s finally over.

My next writing project is to finish the rewrite of Stormhaven. And then? I think it’s time to go back to Taylin and get that ready to actually rock and roll. But for tonight, it’s a time to finally slow down and enjoy myself.

So have a PMV!

Good luck and have fun everyone!

I’ll post tomorrow most likely with links!


Good News and Bad News

Let’s start with the Good News:

“Beyond the Waterfall” is done.

The story has gone through its final audible edit.

The story has been properly tweaked to be correctly formatted.

The story has been proofed in Amazon Previewer for Kindles and iPads.

The cover is done and uploaded to Amazon.

The story has been converted into the Kindle file format.

The story has been uploaded to Amazon.


The Bad News?

I’m struggling to come up with a good description of the story.


Yeah, I’m actually really having trouble with it. I’m not good at boiling down my stories to a few sentences. And every direction I try doesn’t seem to work! So it means that Beyond the Waterfall is going to be delayed a little longer. But once I get the description done, it’ll be published that day.

Now, I should probably just do this today. But last night was very rough and I’m exhausted. I can barely think. Ironically, tanking an LFR Raid in WoW takes less brain power for me than coming up with this kind of stuff.

So I’m going to let this settle for a bit and think about it rather than trying to rush it. After all, this is what will sell the story more than anything.


I’m also happy to say that I finally have my own desk at Blizzard. That is freaking awesome. I know there’s a huge thing about the evil nature of cubicles, but honestly, I don’t mind at all. I’m thrilled. I’ve never had my own space in any place I’ve ever worked. But I have some (okay, a lot) Pony stuff up, pictures of Laura and the girls, some books and a few posters. 🙂 I love it.

This place is spoiling me rotten. Heh.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll be posting as soon as I get the story description done, but I’m not going to force it as I originally intended to.


Until then, good luck and have fun!


The Real Life Strikes Back!

Real Life Strikes!

Well, I don’t honestly have a lot to report this week. I’ve been inundated with real life stuff and have had very little time to write. And that’s been eating at me. A lot. I’ve spent a ton of time working on other parts though, including finishing my Taylin map (at least to some degree) and working with Aeon Timeline (part of the NaNoWriMo winner things) to come up with a good timeline for the Taylin world. It’s 15,000 years old, after all.

Aeon Timeline isn’t the easiest program to be use. I’ll be honest, there’s a substantial learning curve. In truth, I think what I need it for isn’t really what it’s designed for. I remember trying it out for The Orion Project. And for the record, when trying to deal with multiple timelines having to do with temporal changes is something that the program just completely fails at.

However, I doubt Time Travel stories is Aeon Timeline’s primary target.


No, this week, I’ve been doing two things. First, I’ve been enjoying SKYRIM on the PC. Now, I played this on the Xbox 360 a bit and just couldn’t get into it. However, Skyrim on the computer is a different story. Why? MODS! I’m totally in love with the sheer amount of awesome detail Skyrim mods have. I can have a rebuilt airship as a home with every sort of crafting tool? Yes please. I can craft boxes and bags and bandoliers, not only for myself but for my companions? Oh HELL yes. And the companion system? Awesome…especially with more mods.

Way too much fun. Seriously.


The other big project? Last week I talked a lot about the new sound system I was going to get. Well, ironically, I didn’t end up getting the speakers. You see, UPS lost them…

So when I got my receiver, I didn’t want to go without speakers, so I just hooked up my existing JVC speakers and realized they sounded great. A lot better than they used to. After one night, I realized I didn’t need new speakers at all! I just needed some good re-wiring and a new sub.

Now, I had my eye on a subwoofer on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. It was the Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Monitor Series Powered Subwoofer. I was pretty frustrated about the disappearance of the Yamaha speakers and I asked Amazon through their customer support for the pricing for the subwoofer (it was $69 for a unit that goes for about $240 normally. This sub was also the highest rated and best seller in it’s class on Amazon at present). They turned me down with a rather foolish tale about them not being able to honor “Lightning Deals” after the fact (it wasn’t a lightning deal, it was a Cyber Monday special).

That day I find a great deal on a Yamaha subwoofer on Craigslist. Friendly guy, seems honest. Heck, his daughter had a birthday the same week mine did! So I make plans to get together with him in Brea on Monday. I contact Amazon, telling them that I’ve decided to go another route with all of this and I want a refund on the speakers that never came (they offered to overnight me a new set or just refund it).

I wake up in the morning to a new email…offering to give me the Polk Audio sub for the price I wanted.


So I contact the Craigslist guy, thank him and decide to go with the Amazon subwoofer and get next day shipping.

And then I get a text from UPS saying that my Yamaha speaker set will arrive later the day. I get an email from Amazon telling me to refuse delivery and they’ll handle it. The next time I open my front door…a 5.1 Yamaha Speaker set is sitting on my porch.

*Double sigh*

The good news of all of this chaos? I got the Polk Audio system today and set it up. The music is glorious.

In fact…it’s EPIC.

And of course, I test it out using this amazing piece…

Seriously, listen to it. It’s freaking amazing.

And my expression upon listening to it?


Pretty much sums it up. Even better watching “Daring Don’t.” 🙂

I’m happy with it. I’m also just happy it’s done.

Okay folks, I’ll be honest. I’m fading out here. I’m super tired. Been up too late with a combination of converting a bunch of my DVDs to digital format and playing too much Skyrim.

Other Stuff

Laura’s been feeling under the weather. So bad that we had to move Caitlyn’s birthday party one week. Sinus infection. Bleh. Caitlyn’s actual birthday was spent doing a few things. I took her to IHOP and we watched “Princess Twilight Sparkle” on my iPad while enjoying pancakes, eggs and bacon. And then we watched some Pony when we got home and finally went to see Despicable Me 2 at a budget theater. First time at a theater. She loved the popcorn…and sitting in my lap or Laura’s lap. And Tali did really well there. 🙂

The real party is this Sunday. 🙂

Other things…other things…oh yeah. I had to get both the power steering pump and the power steering hose replaced on poor Kasumi, my 1999 Honda Accord. I also have only 1MM left on my brakes, my alignment is horrid and my two front tires are ready to totally go out. So I’ll be replacing my brakes on Friday and doing my tires on Saturday.

I hate car stuff, especially since I just had my radiator redone a few months ago.

One Final Writing Note

I’ll be taking charge and starting a Critique Group with the OC Writers this January. I’m looking forward to it. Should be pretty darn good. 🙂

And that’s all I can think of at the moment. So I’ll leave you with the latest AWESOME outing by Jan Animations, the god-like animator for Button’s Adventures with his own version of…”Don’t Mine At Night.”

This guy is freaking AMAZING.

Good night folks. I’ll be playing a bit more Mass Effect to test out my speaker system. 😉

Good luck and have fun!