Beyond the Waterfall: Published!

It’s done.

It’s finally, finally, finally, finally done.

Words cannot express how happy I am to have Beyond the Waterfall finally in the “review” process. I’ll be doing another post as soon as I find that the book it actually live, providing everyone with links and everything.

For now, it’s going to be an exclusive Kindle publication.

Wow…finally done.

It’s ironic. Jenn Hunt, who’s an amazing professional editor, did the final edits for me. And do you know where I went through them? Mission Viejo Library, the inspiration for the McKinley Heights Library in Waterfall. But for the record, all the drama and stuff was completely fictional, hence the name change. I do love that library.

It’s been a very long week for me. More mounts and fun in WoW and I got to attend the Cinematic Premiere for WoW: Warlords of Draenor. That was pretty damn cool. Even got to shake hands with Mike Morhaime at a New Hire Mixer that night. What I love about him is that he seems like a really normal guy. I suspect he actually is and I secretly wonder if he’s as astounded by Blizzard’s growth as everyone else was back in the day.

I love this darn company. Love it.

It’s been a very long week but with the publishing of Waterfall, it’s finally over.

My next writing project is to finish the rewrite of Stormhaven. And then? I think it’s time to go back to Taylin and get that ready to actually rock and roll. But for tonight, it’s a time to finally slow down and enjoy myself.

So have a PMV!

Good luck and have fun everyone!

I’ll post tomorrow most likely with links!



Tali’s Here

Talissa Jenevieve Stansifer was born October 31, 2013 at 4:06PM. She was 19″ and 8 pounds 3.4 ounces. We’re already home and both baby and mother are doing fine. So’s daddy for that matter. Caitlyn seems fascinated by this little girl we brought home and has done pretty well so far, but Caitlyn has not been doing well with me.

Other news. I managed to finish “In the Sun Eagle’s Wake” and just a few days before the birth. Glad to have it done since NaNoWriMo is this month. And while I did skip the first few days, I’m forcing myself to do NaNoWriMo anyway. Because I need to. While it can be stressful, it’s the good kind of stress that makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, like working out. I’m still behind, but since I’m picking up 3 years after the events in “Soul of the Scribe” I have a fairly good handle as to the characters. Even better, the story is starting to come together as I work.

At the moment, that’s all I have to report. I’ll have pictures and other awesome stuff up later.

Good luck and have fun!


Scrivener Experiments and Exceeding Word Counts

So my new challenge with this story for the OC Writer’s Anthology is to write the short story entirely in Scrivener. And I’m starting to adapt to the program. And I’m starting to see the worth in it. I think for my major stories, like Orion and Dreamscape, there could very well be some advantages to using it. The idea of having a central part for characters is wonderful, along with consistent information on settings and such.

I’ve realized that a lot of my writing habits have to do with format, margins, text and style of the page, rather than actual mechanics with the word processor. I still don’t like the fact that I can’t really use anything as effective as Word’s autocorrect, but having built-in word count goals (and word counts that are not limited to 100,000 words) is really nice.

The bad news? I’m already passed the maximum word count for “Beyond Waterfall.” The target was 3,000 words. At my request, the head of the program said the max is 4,250. I already hit 4,500 and I suspect I have another 1,000 words until completion.

The plan? Finish the story. If I can “compress” it, then I’ll compress it. But I tend to leave holes in stories rather than have sections that can be easily cut. The worst cast scenario is that I come up with something different. I still have a couple months until it’s done. And considering I’ve busted out a 4500 word short story in a few days, another one shouldn’t be too hard.

Maybe I should look at my other short stories and recognize the common elements that work so I don’t go so far over.

Nothing else really new here. We’ve decided to cut down on Caitlyn’s TV and add more play time. I’ve also decided to try and have more conversations and less “do this, don’t do that.” And I’ve started doing Old Raids with my Guild, Saga, in WoW again. I really missed doing these. We managed to down 10-Man Heroic Ragnaros & Al’kir too with the Feedback Achievement.

Anyway, that’s it for now. See you next week!

Good luck and have fun!


No Rest for the Writer

So I’m part of the OC Writer’s Group on Facebook. It formed from survivors of NaNoWriMo this year and it’s the first time I’ve ever been involved in such a project. Someone needed a bit more inspiration and made a suggestion of doing a March NaNo. I liked that idea, so I’ve moved into doing this. But I’m making myself some unique goals.

  1. 1100 words a day minimum on work days. Add 100 words to the daily goal every week.
  2. Double the daily word goal on my two days off.
  3. Perform a full edit of my novella “Soul of the Scribe” by the end of March.
  4. Perform a full edit of my short story “A Glimmer of Perspective” by the end of March.

These are my four goals for this month. The reason I don’t have anything more specific is because I finally finished the huge climax for “In the Corridors of Light and Dreams.” I suspect it’ll end around 170K words. I have a lot of loose threads to wrap up. And in truth, I know I’ll cut a lot of it, but I need to get the basics down before I can cut anything.

After that’s done…I don’t know what I’ll work on next for my writing project. I don’t want to go into full editing mode, because it’ll make it so much harder to start writing again. I need to keep the momentum I have going.

I have a few ideas. “Stormhaven,” which was originally designed to be a webcomic, has been calling to me lately. The best way to describe this is “Harry Potter in reverse.” Essentially, a troublemaking student at a magical academy is expelled for a prank gone terribly wrong and is forced to move to the remote town of Stormhaven to study under a retired warlock. I had a really good tag line for it, but I don’t know where it is right now.

The other idea is finishing Book 2 of the Orion Project. The problem with Orion is it’s become massive. I’m worried that it’s way too big for me to handle right now.

Or I could start playing with the third story of the “Dreamscape” universe (which is what I’m currently calling the Scribe universe).

Still playing with ideas, but I need to finish Corridors first.

So far, I’m doing pretty well with this new commitment to do this blog on a regular basis. I’m going to try and stay focused on writing and gaming projects. But since I recently made some changes to my schedule, it’s going to be a lot more writing and less gaming. For instance, I now write for about 30-40 minutes in the morning before going to work instead of playing WoW. I didn’t want to, but I felt like it was needed for me to get serious. And it’s worked well. I actually managed to punch out my 1100 goal in the morning one time, allowing me to focus on editing during my lunch at work.

Anyway, that’s about it here. Nothing big.

Oh yes, something cool: I found that I’ve written over a million words in only my personal journal since August of 2010. A million words in 2.5 years. Not too bad.

Hope you folks are all doing wonderfully. Thanks for sticking around!